Bracelet North Captiva - Brass & Aluminum

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Jewelry Handmade for You.

Nautically Northern was born on Cape Cod in 2016 when its owner, Laurel Ryan, moved to Wellfleet. At first, jewelry making was just a hobby. Each piece was a one-off design made for friends or family at her dining room table. As word spread and more requests came in she decided to see if she could take her jewelry to the next level. With help from friends and family Nautically Northern has grown into the brand it is today. 

This piece is a 6" cuff bracelet made from brass and aluminum that has been personalized with the name of our home here on North Captiva Island.

10% of profits Laurel receives through Nautically Northern are donated to charity.

To date, Nautically Northern has donated over $6000 to charity.